August 2010

In August we will be honored to welcome in Argentina Prof. Avigdor Shinan, one of the leading Mishna authorities worldwide.

Prof. Avigdor Shinan has a degree in Biblical studies and Hebrew Literature by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a PhD in Philosophy by the Hebrew University, and a post-doctoral degree by the University of Columbia and the Jewish Theological Seminary of New York. He is an Associate Professor of the Department of Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

During his stay in Buenos Aires, Profesor Shinan will be conducting several training activities for volunteers, institutional directors, rabbis, teachers, directors of youth programs and madrichim. He will be a special guest of the third Limud-Keshet and a joint activity organized by Universidad Libre de Estudios Judaicos (ULEJ) and YOK. Professor Shinan´s activities will be part of the Bereshit-Community University Program, an initiative of the Oxford International Centre for Community Development and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee with the support of the Thalheimer Family Foundation.

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Argentina Argentina
Leatid –
Líderes S XXI Program

Lideres Siglo XXI

The 2nd. Seminar of the Lideres SIGLO XXI Program was held last July 1. The target audience comprised young volunteer leaders of several communities and institutions of Buenos Aires. The venue of the seminar was the new LeDor VaDor Seniors Center. The activity focused on the question: Where is judaism found in institutions? Philosopher Dario Sztajnszrajber and Rabbi Marcelo Polakoff, Cordoba Kehila, helped to answer this question, the former approached the key components of what could be called the identity of an organization. Then, Rabbi Polakoff complemented the presentation sharing the experience of his Kehila, where he implemented a Community Pact with the members, based on Talmudic and Pirkei Avot principles. The program aims at educating a new group of institutional leaders, equipped to not only reformulate the institutional context but also to rethink the community as a whole geared to preserve the continuity of Jewish life in Buenos Aires

We made advantage of the opportunity to congratulate Adrian Perez, one of the Program participants, who was awarded a grant by the German Embassy and DAIA to review the contribution of German Jews to Argentina and the community. In the course of the next few weeks, Adrian will travel to Germany, where he will attend several activities run by the local Jewish community. We are very proud of his achievements.

Photo: Marqui Cohen, Edgardo Cwik, Roxana Sohn, Marcelo Kornblau, Alejandro Zitzer, Marcos Juejati, Daniel Posternak, Leonardo Embon, Diego Shalom, Claudio Modlin, Fabián Veretnik, Javier Schnirmajer, Adrián Perez, Leonardo Nomiesky, Pablo Diuk, Benjamin Hakim, Nicolás Goldschmidt, Claudio Rusak, Gabriel Cohen y Mariana Abraham

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Chile Cuba Chile Cuba
Training in Santiago de Chile

Daniel Mottola, a young and active member of the Havanna community in Cuba, travelled to Santiago de Chile on July 21, where he will stay for two weeks taking part of various training activities at Jewish community institutions.
Daniel works at the library of the Patronato de la Casa de la Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba, officiates religious services at his synagoge and teaches at the machon (Sunday school). An extensive Judaic studies program has been organized in Santiago de Chile, coordinated by Rabbi Shmuel Szteinhendler with the generous cooperation of Rabbis Efraim Rosenzweig, Eduardo Waingortin, Alejandro Bloch, Marcelo Kormis and Daniel Zang, chazan Amir Sacks and volunteers Rony Arendt and David Airas, whom we thank very sincerely for their generosity and willingness to teach Daniel, who honors the precept: "Kol Israel arevim ze laze".
We also thank Carlos and Mónica Gleiser for their kind hospitality. Finally, we wish to commend Daniel for his responsibility and his motivation to convey the lessons learned to the members of his community.

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Consultoria Organizacional

Reorganization of the Santa Cruz de la Sierra community

In response to a request of the Jewish community of Santa Cruz de la Sierra seeking professional help for its reorganization and for drafting a short- and medium-term action plan, JDC assigned a professional who worked for two days in that city.
The Comunidad Israelita de Santa Cruz (CISZ) was founded in August 1993, and is therefore one of the newest of the continent, comprising around 300 members. In this first stage, working meetings were held with the Executive Board and community members, and an activity open to all the community.

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Ecuador Brasil
Strategic planning in Curitiba

The Joint responded to a request for assistance of the Jewish Community of Curitiba, represented by its president, Mrs. Ester Proveller.
After several meetings held to make the initial diagnosis, attended by rabbi Pablo Berman and community leaders, together with the Joint representative in Brazil, Gabriel Milevsky, it was agreed that our institution would facilitate the diagnosis and strategic planning requested by the current leadership, concerned and sensitive to the continuity of community actions. Folow-up working meetings will be held in Curitiba in August, convening the key community stakeholders.

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Fortalecimiento Comunitario

New Community Director

As part of the assistance the Joint has been providing in Quito, Ecuador, we are pleased to report that Lic. Sebastián Medina was appointed Community Director in July.
We know that his appointment will help further reinforce the various community departments. We wish Sebastian and the local community a major success in this new stage.  

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Fortalecimiento Comunitario

Ariel Foundation - New venue, new space


On March 1, after eight years of sharing the building of Congregación Israelita de Buenos Aires, Ariel Foundation, the employment and entrepreneur center opened its new venue, a renovated, cozy and modern space located in Palermo neighbourhood, beside the American Jewish Joint Distrbution Committee offices, in Salguero 2142, 2nd floor.
From its new venue, Ariel Foundation will proceed its work to reinsert professionals and university students in the market, provide technical and financial assistance to micro, small- and medium sized-companies, and support the creation and reinforcement of various businesses.
From 2001 to date, Ariel Foundation has assisted 1803 undertakings that are currently operational and employ 5702 persons, and 1205 persons who got a job. During that same period it granted 345 loans and trained 16,865 individuals.  

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Argentina Argentina
International Colloquium organized by AMIA


On june 9 and 10 was held in Buenos Aires the 3rd International Colloquium "Social rights for all and among all, towards full citizenship", organized by Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA), Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) and Casa Sefarad-Israel of Spain. The Joint supported this activity, together with other government agencies and NGOs.
Eighty five local and international speakers participated, among others: Saskia Sassen, of Columbia University; Bernardo Kliksberg, main UNDP advisor; Alicia Kirchner, Argentine Social Development Minister; Paula Quintana Meléndez, former Minister of Planning and Cooperation of Chile; Marina Arismendi, former Minister of Social Development, Uruguay; Bernardo Sorj, of Universidad Federal de Río de Janeiro, and Eugenio Zaffaroni, Argentine Supreme Court Justice.
The event attracted over 2000 participants and was declared of national interest. The organization was excellent, as were the quality of the presentations and workshops, on which we wish to commend AMIA.

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Argentina Argentina
New technologies and non-formal education


On Tuesday June 15 took place the first meeting on Youth and New Technologies organized by the Joint, for professionals and volunteers in charge of Youth Departments at community organizations of the city of Buenos Aires. The purpose was to reflect on the uses of TICs by adolescents, and rethink and create new approaches to Jewish education in the age of cybercommunications.
The panel included three professionals: Marcelo Urresti (BA in Sociology and a researcher on youth cultures and digital technologies), Cynthia Leibman (BA in Business Administration and CSR and NGO programs’ consultant for Google) and Carina Lion (PhD. in Education, BA and professor in Education Sciences and head of UBA XXI, entrance program to the Universidad de Buenos Aires). The panel closed after a Q&A session. Participants were very pleased with the agenda; also because training is infrequent for professionals working in non-formal education. They look forward to future community training activities.
Also, during May and June was held a new technologies and non-formal education Lab organized by the JOINT, which attracted young users of new technologies related to non-formal education at Jewish institutions. Discussions dealt with current resources available in the field of new technologies, their uses and applications, especially in education. The purpose of the lab was to exchange opinions, discuss new technologies, and draft proposals to develop, disseminate and subsequently apply in the communities located in this continent.

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Programas Sociales

Argentina Argentina
Solidarity and participation in communal social programs

The Joint continues to support the Jewish communities located in the provinces, training individuals to carry out social programs.
On August 5, the Jewish Community of Bahia Blanca will hold a training activity called “Solidarity and participation in communal social programs” for its volunteers, to create new programs and social projects. The meeting will include an activity open to the civil society at the city’s Town Hall, attended by people from the public and private spheres and NGOs.

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Argentina Uruguay
Tzedaka Foundation activities

The 2010 Tzedaka Foundation Solidary Women Campaign was launched on June 3. Over 40 women took part in a training activity. The funds raised by the Solidary Women are basically allocated to children and teenager programs organized by the Foudation. On June 9, the Board of Tzedaka Foundation, Solidary Women, and Tzedaka for the Youth met to encourage integration and understanding between the working groups, the Foundation’s leadership and fundraising backbone. The activity related to the Foundation’s history and current situation, the work being done by each of the groups, and the potential of Uruguay as a country and its possible impact on the future of the Foundation. The Joint played an active role in planning and coordinating both activities.

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Argentina Uruguay
Jewish Home for the Elderly, Uruguay

On May 30 was held the Second Exhibition of Renowned Brands organized by the Jewish Home for the Elderly, Uruguay. The major apparel brands got together with a solidary goal: to raise funds for the Home. Over 1,500 persons gathered at the Montevideo Sheraton Hotel to buy clothes.
The event, which convened numerous volunteers, also allowed the Home to disseminate its activity and enroll new members.
Also, on July 29 a training activity was organized with volunteers, focused on reformulating and defining the Home mission after the changes introduced shortly ago. Under the guidance of the Joint professionals, the institutional mission was redefined, focusing the efforts in providing a comprehensive response based on Jewish values, to the problems of seniors.
Attaining a collective goal, endorsed by the organization members, is a unique exercise that strengthens its everyday operation and culture, reaching consensus and approaching activities that involve leaders at all levels. Our thanks to the leaders who work for the Home.

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